Fit To Be Well: Essential Concepts 5th Edition

by Alton L. Thygerson, EdD, FAWM, Steven M. Thygerson, PhD, MSPH

Fit to Be Well: Essential Concepts, Fifth Edition provides students with the tools they need to achieve their health and fitness goals by delving into exercise, proper nutrition, and stress management. Serving as a road map in a journey focused on sustaining your health and improving your quality of life, Fit to Be Well begins with your current level of fitness before exploring ways of achieving increased cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, and flexibility; maintaining a healthy weight; and learning how to relax. Its content is organized in a succinct, easy-to-navigate manner that incorporates evidence-based medical sources alongside a range of rich pedagogical features that emphasize important concepts and applications.

An integrated Lab Manual, found at the end of the text, helps students build and implement a fitness program that will work with their individual needs and schedules.


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Includes the latest research identifying additional health benefits of regular physical activity, including treating dementia and lowering the risk of heart disease and some cancers
Incorporates Healthy People 2020’s new physical activity objectives
Contains several new “Medical News You Can Use” features describing the latest research on physical activity and nutrition
Incorporates the recommendations of the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, as well as information about the new Nutrition Facts label design
Expands coverage on a range of vital topics, including wearable fitness technology, selecting appropriate footwear, and the importance of sleep

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