Planets and Solar System The Complete Manual. An essential guide to our solar system

by Various

Imagine Publishing Ltd, 2016. – 132 p. – ISBN: 1785462806Throughout history, humankind has looked up at the stars and wondered what they were. Playing a central role in mythology, philosophy and superstition, it wasn’t until the rise of astronomy that we began to understand these celestial bodies. After Galileo Galilei’s incredible discovery, we now know the role of the Sun as the centre of a system of planets, dubbed the Solar System. As new technology advances we discover more and more about our fellow planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and the dwarf planet Pluto. Read on to discover just how much we’ve learned about our neighbours so far, and how much more knowledge is still to come.
Birth of the Solar System. Travel back to where it all began and discover how our Solar System came to be
Inside the Sun. Find out what makes the centre of our universe tick
Mercury. The smallest planet in our system has its own unique story to tell
Venus. There’s a reason this earth-like planet is named after the goddess of love
Earth. You may think you know Earth, but why is it the only planet to host life?
Mars. Could there have been life on Mars? We’re curious to discover
Jupiter. This gas giant is the largest in our Solar System, but it’s special in more ways too
Saturn. The rings of Saturn are a mesmerizing phenomenon and continue to amaze us
Uranus. This ice-cold planet has many secrets hidden within its layers
Neptune. The distance may make it hard to research, but distance makes the heart grow fonder
Pluto. This dwarf planet may have lost its status, but it won our hearts

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