Are you looking for a useful guide to help you understand the most interesting concepts of quantum physics, the law of attraction, and the theory of relativity? If yes, then keep reading.

In this book, we’ve done our best to explain the most interesting and common concepts of quantum physics, to arm the reader with useful (and desirable) knowledge, whether you’re reading for self-betterment, understanding, or bragging rights. If we do our job correctly, the reader will emerge with a newfound understanding of the workings of the universe and everything around us.

This guide contains information about Quantum Physics and the way of understanding the aspects of Physics and other stuff like particles, waves, and light. Even though classical physics came first, quantum physics can be used to explain most of the classical physics’ phenomena on a large scale.

The book came into existence to establish a firm intellectual basis for the foundation of QP for those among the masses who are not necessarily professional physicists but who nevertheless are willing to make an effort to go beyond fairytales. Only once the non-experts know what QP is about can they safely distinguish and discriminate between a serious scientific claim and more or less pseudo-scientific fantasy.

Our guide is intended for anyone that ever asked the fundamental question “why” during science class and received an answer that was not very satisfying, or it was not answered at all. Questioning thoughts and ideas is what leads to human progress.

This Book Covers:

  • The first quantum concept
  • Max Planck, the father of quantum physics
  • Einstein’s relativity
  • The law of attraction
  • Causality in quantum physics
  • Quantum mechanics and general relativity incompatibility

…And Much More!

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